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What's a Risograph?

Risograph printers employ a stencil-based technology to print on paper using environmentally-friendly soy-based inks. The machine prints spot colours, requiring each colour to be separated onto its own layer prior to printing. The process and the finished results are comparable to those of silkscreening. Colour registration is not perfect, so trapping is suggested if printing with knock-outs. An appealing feature of the machine is its ability to print solid blocks of colour, which lay down with a unique texture. If ink coverage is too high, the machine may leave roller-marks, which can be easily removed with an eraser. A Risograph can produce incredible results, but a little extra care and planning is necessary to make the best of your prints. If you're new to Riso printing, it is recommended you get in contact before beginning your project.

Technical specifications

Paper: Uncoated stocks ranging in thickness from newsprint to card stock 46 to 210 GSM. Call to learn more.

Max sheet size: 11 x 17 inches

Max print area: 10.25 x 16.25 inches

Colours: Black (PMS Black U), Bright Red (PMS 185 U), Medium Blue (PMS 286 U), Green (PMS 354 U).

Print resolution: 300 to 600dpi

Finishing: Folding, saddle-stitch binding, cutting services available.

Files: Colour layers should be separated, and each provided grayscale as individual TIFF or PDF files. Text prints best as vectors. Files can be delivered via email with an attachment or upload link, or in person on a USB drive.

Print production and graphic design services available.

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